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The perfect choice for couples that are looking for a top quality photography at a competitive price.

Avancena Photography has been providing high quality wedding photography at a reasonable price since 1995. The company initially emerged in 1993 with a fashion photography but due to stiff competition, I decided to switch to a wedding photography, which proved to be a good move. Since then, Avancena photography has been a regular fixture in many weddings. The company's clientele continues to grow since all of its previous clients were extremely satisfied with the work that Avancena photography did for them. The company continually endeavors to always meet the highest standards in photography and professionalism and its distinct workmanship shows it all.



Member PPC and WPJA, LGBT friendly

Photographing weddings is what I enjoy doing most in my life. The love and passion in photography is the most rewarding achievements in my life. The arts of lights is so beautiful in many ways and I am so grateful that I can create an artistic and unique photograph. Shooting wedding is always different and challenging each event, my job is to preserved what was happening on that day using my skills simply photograph will tell that story.

Music is what inspired me to be an artistic photographer. The calmness that music brings as you close your eyes transport your mind to many different places. In Photography, we use our vision as a tool to frame our surroundings that are are filled with countless lines and shapes. I feel that photographing couples with nature is just like composing a good song with a perfect harmony.

Learning to read and understand how light works is a fundamental element of photography. Once you understand the various moods of lighting and apply that knowledge to your work, you will capture the beauty of the moment and create a wonderful story.


Price and Packages

Service only

$795.00 for 4 hours job


1 Location Unlimited pictures

Copy of all edited pictures in USB jump drive, All image rights

All pictures posted online to share with your friends and family

$995.00 for 6 hours same contents as above except this has 2 location

$1195.00 for 8 hours same contents as above except this has 3 location

====================================================================== Album

$595.00 8x8 size Forever bound flush mount album 26 pages 80 proofs

$695.00 10x10 size Forever bound flush mount album 26 pages 80 proofs

$795.00 12x12 size Forever bound album flush mount 30 pages 100 proofs

$895.00 14x14 size Forever bound album flush mount 30 pages 100 proofs

Custom size also available and album covers like wood, acrylic or canvas

Extending pages also available upon request

====================================================================== Engagement

Engagement portrait with signing board mounted on metal frame

$395.00 11x14 mounted on 20x24 metal frame

$520.00 16x20 mounted on 24x28 metal frame

$260.00 Engagement session all pictures in DVD Hi-res file Edited all image rights

Custom size of pictures and frame is also available upon request

We accept credit cards, debit, cash or check.