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Blog May 8, 2019

Yosemite National Park has inspired me to be a photographer, I remember the first time visiting this place Its like living in a dream and since then I was searching for a better camera to capture the beauty of this place.

The giant sequoia tree, river, mountain thats what you see the surrounding here its really beautiful. Wait until you close your eyes and you hear the waterfalls echoe to the village, the river creek cascading through the rocks with the sound of the birds in the air, it creates a magical picture from your imagination.

The Ansel Adams museum in the village has some spectacular black and white picture gallery, I really love those art gallery and I wish to be like him.

Upon learning photography I discover that this is my passion to pursue my dream, my heart desire to learn and the feeling of happiness about the outcome.

So I started collecting books of photography and I remember walking in a bookstore on the entrance banner says “Winner never quit, Quitter never win.”

I was struggling reading in English before but because of my motivation I did try and try harder until everything make sense. Understanding the basic of photography was the best assets that I cherish into my soul.

So I was able to save money enough to buy my first used car but instead, I bought a medium format film camera and continue riding a bus going to work daily.  My wife said I am insane but now she finally realize that I did the right thing.

As I am getting progress learning photography I joined PPC and WPJA association and things get more interesting. Until now still learning new tricks, never stop learning so when some competitors is chasing you to be better well I am cruising along to be ahead of the game.

My business survive many obstacle, I’ve learn not to give up your dream. There are times that I almost give up during economy crush in 2009, for 24 years now I look back my road that I am still standing here after many times falling down but always gets up and life must go on. 

Hope this article helps you guys to be grateful what you have, first is to love what you do and share the love with other people, remember your business grows because of people loving your work. Treat people with love and respect they will treat you back same way.

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